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Your Own Design / Re: New Mills Pumping Station
« Last post by MJM460 on Today at 01:08:40 PM »
Hi Willy, unfortunately I have not been able to find original prints of these diagrams, though I should have brochures packed away somewhere.  I have even been to the factory to witness a test run. Always a very informative experience.  I guess not being able to find them proves my wifeís point that I should throw them out!  So those diagrams are just pictures available on the web.  Obviously not supposed to find them useful, as they do not come up readable, nor do they link to readable pages.  Looks like a great search result until you actually need to read the drawings.  I did manage to read the words at the bottom, and they indicate that the diagram is supposed to be a suction valve on one side of the centreline, and a discharge valve on the other side of the centreline.  It is clear that superficially, they are quite similar.

I labelled the key parts with highlighter pens on one diagram, and on the cutaway.  They are legible on my copy and check with my labels.

Modern valves have two layers as shown, with plates and damper elements inside that open and close as required.  The discharge and suction valves look similar in this view, it is the arrangement of the internals that determine which is which.  Now days there are special provisions to ensure you canít get them the wrong way around.  Again the result of learning what doesnít work the hard way.

The retainer cage actually holds the valve in place.  The openings in the side of the cage allow the gas to flow in or out from the valve.  I donít know whether your machine has those or not, it is possible that the valves are simply screwed in place from the outside with a special tool, then the cap screwed in to seal the outer shell.  Definitely looks like a threaded hole on the outer surface.  The outer covers on the picture I showed are flanged which is now normal on larger machines.

I hope these pictures and explanations help you understand what you are looking at on your machine, even though they are not necessarily exactly the same.  The principle is definitely the same.


Engines / Re: Upshur - first build
« Last post by Admiral_dk on Today at 11:10:02 AM »
Always great and satisfying to see them run - isn't it  :whoohoo:

Also good to see that the improvents you made worked too  :ThumbsUp:   :cheers:

Engine Ancillaries / Re: generator for steam engine
« Last post by Michael S. on Today at 10:02:07 AM »
Hello Kim,

Yes, the lampshade was beaten with a ball-peen hammer and a pad of lead. The copper plate has to be heated several times.
I want to install an E 10 socket there.

From Kits/Castings / Re: High Pressure Steam Table Engine
« Last post by Jasonb on Today at 07:38:19 AM »
You are most likely right about the original builder basing his scale on what he could swing as the flywheel will only just fit within a Myford size gap.

Looks like the eccentric strap may have gone mossing or someone has cut the two bolting lugs off and left you a GM ring?
Your Own Design / Re: The "2-Bits" V-Twin
« Last post by Kim on Today at 04:47:31 AM »
The new one certainly has a lot more meat toward the business end!  Hopefully that will do it for what you need  :popcorn:

Your Own Design / Re: The Sabino Compound Engine
« Last post by Kim on Today at 04:45:03 AM »
OK, that makes a lot of sense.  I'll stay tuned for the swarf party!   :popcorn: :popcorn:

Your Own Design / Re: Reinventing the Real.
« Last post by steam guy willy on Today at 02:41:35 AM »
Hi "J" , this looks like an interesting project and I will be following with interest.
Your Own Design / Re: New Mills Pumping Station
« Last post by steam guy willy on Today at 02:27:20 AM »
Hi MJM, Thanks for this info and I am posting the photos again that have been photoshopped to give a clearer image of the internals. Do you have the text with the cut away drawing that indicates what the numbers refer to ?? I will do some drawings soon that are sectioned with what I can see from the pictures  ! 2 of the pictures show the head with the piston up against it and the other one is at the other end with no sight of the piston , The final pic shows the piston with some damage to it ??

Engines / Re: Upshur - first build
« Last post by RReid on Today at 01:19:23 AM »
I liked the driven intake valve and the version of the Upshur plans that I worked from (bought from the family) had a two cam/two pushrod design so I can't take the credit for the enhancement.
Gotcha, I'd forgotten that version was available separately from the "Red Farm Engine" plans I worked from.
Your Own Design / Re: The "2-Bits" V-Twin
« Last post by RReid on Today at 12:42:51 AM »
Return of the Fly (wheel).

Back in Reply #160 I discussed making a flywheel from a discarded cast iron dolly wheel that I wasn't too satisfied with. Having ordered and received a couple of mild steel "hockey pucks", I made a new, improved flywheel today. The 1st try weighed in at 111 grams, this one is 187 grams, better than a 68% improvement. :ThumbsUp:

The first picture shows the starting point of each. The second shows the finished parts. Not only is steel heavier than cast iron of the same size (higher density), you can see that the steel version has much more material out towards the rim, where it does the most good. The step in the OD is needed to clear the bottom of the pistons at BDC. It took a little while to figure out why it was locking up solid at that point! :headscratch: It wasn't much contact, and it wasn't easy to see, but at least it was easy to fix. :ShakeHead:

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