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Oddball / Re: Cost of Steel
« Last post by crueby on Today at 04:21:29 PM »

Thank You for the info about cast iron pipe. I have been wondering if that would work. I have a plumber coming to my house to give an estimate for a bath repair and I'm going to ask him if he can get me some pieces to play with.


Be aware that the cast iron pipe can be mystery metal alloy, I've had pretty good luck on the few pieces I used for flywheels, did have some hard spots on the surface here and there.
Your Own Design / Re: Generator Experiment
« Last post by kuhncw on Today at 04:20:07 PM »

Thanks.   You just ran low rpm and fed the wire by hand.

Simple and it works.

Additive Machining / Re: General questions regarding having parts printed
« Last post by crueby on Today at 04:19:37 PM »
I've also had some parts printed in metal on Shapeways, as well as a few plastic ones before I got my own printer. The prices go up quickly as the overall size of the part gets larger, I think they are geared for good prices on smaller jewelry sizes.

You have to ensure that the wall thicknesses are above thier minimums, if not they will flag it when you upload. Also ensure that the sizes show up right on the web site, they assume metric sizes in the file, though you can switch to inches if needed.

On some pipe elbows I had them make, it worked out cheaper to combine the individual parts onto a little 'tree' in the CAD program before uploading and have them cast it that way than to buy the individual pieces - try it both ways and see what the total comes out to.
I had mine printed in bronze, came out quite well. The alloy was still mill-able to get the openings to fit my tubing, the dimensions on small holes can be a little over/under, typical of castings.
I'm sure there are other places that will do the same printing/casting too, but SW is the only one I have tried so far.
Your Own Design / Re: Chris's Holly Pumping Engine Build
« Last post by crueby on Today at 04:11:47 PM »
After getting the corners all painted and installed yesterday, on to 'decking day' today. So far I have all but one of the floor panels in on the lower catwalk, the one over on the left end which shows white in the picture, thats the cardboard template.

Really changes the look of the engine! Can't wait to get the railings on, but first I need to make some hold-down bits for the floorboards on all three levels. As you can see in this picture, the Stupervisors up on the top deck are laying down on the job again...

From Kits/Castings / Re: Alyn Foundry CHUK 2
« Last post by Alyn Foundry on Today at 03:56:21 PM »
Good afternoon Ray.

Of all the vintage engines in my collection the Barker ď B ď type is my favourite where the Brass works are concerned. The Pagoda style top finishes off the oil boxes beautifully. So yes, itís merely a purely cosmetic feature and will hide the two Allen screws that hold down the bearing housing to the pedestal.

CHUK 2 has been evolving since its development over 20 years ago.

I still have a few sets of castings available for this model.  If anyone is interested, please drop me a PM.

Cheers Graham.
Oddball / Re: Cost of Steel
« Last post by AVTUR on Today at 03:52:34 PM »
Strictly this is outside th topic. I have just revisited the website of a major UK supplier of model engineering castings. Since August the set of castings I am interest in has increased in price by 50% for gun metal and 80% for cast iron. I would have thought that it would have been the other way round.

However there is nothing like inflation to make one spend one's money.

Restoration of Model Engines / Re: Mystery engine
« Last post by RayW on Today at 03:28:30 PM »
Fitted a slightly larger section Viton O Ring to improve compression. It was a bit too tight to start with, but soon wore down to a nice fit. I started to have problems with starting and when I tried the spark plug outside the engine I was getting a good strong spark at the plug from the trembler coil at low revs, but completely losing the spark once speed increased. All electrical contacts appeared to be good, so came to the conclusion that the coil must be breaking down.
I purchased and fitted a Minimag MCL-1 electronic ignition kit and got a spark at all speeds, but still very weak. After further investigation, I found that the spring brass strip which makes contact with the rotating disk on the crankshaft, was vibrating and only making the lightest of contact, insufficient to give a good spark at the plug. With a bit of bending to give a tighter contact, the engine burst into life, so I now suspect the the Model T Ford trembler coil was not at fault after all. At least it will come in useful on some future engine.
You can upload a .stl file to Shapeways and get a free quote of the print price in several metals including brass and bronze.

I use them for my metal parts and master patterns.

Cheers Dan
From Kits/Castings / Re: Alyn Foundry CHUK 2
« Last post by RayW on Today at 03:11:33 PM »
Do I assume, Graham, that the brass bearing housing cap serves no actual practical purpose and could simply be glued in place?
Oddball / Re: Cost of Steel
« Last post by ShopShoe on Today at 02:36:00 PM »

Thank You for the info about cast iron pipe. I have been wondering if that would work. I have a plumber coming to my house to give an estimate for a bath repair and I'm going to ask him if he can get me some pieces to play with.

RE: Scrap Bin,

I haven't needed to do it lately, but there are some metal fabrication shops around me who will sell offcuts. Go at an unbusy time (for the guys in back as well as at the order desk.) They may take me to an area where I can't touch anything but can see things on the shelves or the floor and I can ask for those to be brought out for pricing. I don't quibble over price a lot because I know they're in the middle of an order for some big customer and don't want to waste time.  I also pick up odds and ends "for future use."

If you think about it, the normal process would be for me to submit a request, then they would most likely have to take the stock to the saw and cut it, then price it, etc. As a work order, it would have to have a delivery time or pickup time and they would have to allow for that. Another thing I have done for my own fabrication projects is to order stock lengths, sometimes saving the cutting charges is a better deal than getting more than I strictly need. (I also like the control of cutting material myself, getting exactly the length and the finish the way I want.)

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