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Any chance of something like a Youtube channel name or where ever else that video is posted SteamR so I can search for it? Whatever I'm doing wrong, that "Flash Emulator" for videos refuses to work for me on this forum for any video link that's posted.
Tooling & Machines / Re: Help Identifying RT and Dividing Head
« Last post by steamer on Today at 04:18:33 PM »
3C ?

Your Own Design / Re: Kearsarge Windlass Engines
« Last post by crueby on Today at 03:20:41 PM »
Finished up the shaping on the eccentrics, milled in the slots around the wider side, and drilled/tapped the set screw holes:

Here they are, couple set in place on the shaft with the blanks for the follower straps over on the left. Next will be to notch the ends and drill/tap for screws to hold them together for the rest of the shaping...

I often have to make a radius that blends into a straight section and this can be tricky to know when to stop turning the handwheel so I thought has anyone made stops for the Rotab. but I could not see any on youtube so I had a go making it myself while machining a piece for my latest engine and I think it could work quite well.

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Tooling & Machines / Re: Help Identifying RT and Dividing Head
« Last post by Roger B on Today at 02:05:38 PM »
This is a possible collet, the body is 16mm diameter and the half angle appears to be 16°:

I am aware of these collets as my Hobbymatt uses a slightly different size.
Fwiw, I'm not sure just how much help this may or may not be Mike, but the paint color and German military stamping on both those items jogged my memory. Stefan Gotteswinter on Youtube once owned a Ludwig Gack HE 20 sized tool room shaper that appears to be either extremely close to or that exact shade of paint. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> At about the 2:45 minute mark he does mention that his shaper was originally from the German army. Since I know zero about what they did, and both your RT & DH have been positively identified as also ex German military. The German army may have had all there machine tools and accessories painted in that color. Or it was the chosen corporate paint color Ludwig Gack used? Given that even South Bend built there own small RT's and indexers that could also be used on their 7" shapers, one possibility could be they were something Gack sold as shaper tooling accessories? Finding an old Gack sales catalog online might identify what you have and maybe whatever the spindle taper might be. I did do a few minutes of checking, and there's quite a bit online about the Gack shapers, and lot's of now dead links to those Gack shaper accessories. But You might have better luck than I have.     
Your Own Design / Re: Semi-rotatry valve wood/PVC air engine
« Last post by MJM460 on Today at 12:02:53 PM »
That’s real creative thinking Miles.  Quite a change from your Lego engines.  P looking forward to watching your progress.  Please keep us posted.

Tooling & Machines / Metal Lathe Centering Roller Tool for chucked item
« Last post by Jim on Today at 07:42:36 AM »
Metal Lathe Centering Roller Tool for chucked item

A simple idea how I quickly center up small pieces of offcuts. Not saying this is how anyone else should do it, but it works accurately for most of the work that I do. It doesn't replace your Mitutoyo dial indicator for super accurate work, but as I say in the video its quick and easy.
Hope it helps someone out.

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Your Own Design / Re: Big stroke 55 cc one cylinder ICE
« Last post by dudeface on Today at 12:44:17 AM »
That seems to run pretty good!
Your Own Design / Re: Semi-rotatry valve wood/PVC air engine
« Last post by crueby on Today at 12:41:42 AM »
The Robinson Crusoe engine, made from stuff washed up on the desert island! Slick!
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