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Well there you go - that's exactly what I was going to search for.
Your Own Design / Re: Buffalo steam engine model
« Last post by rarach22 on Today at 12:03:23 PM »

From Plans / Re: Elmer's Grasshopper
« Last post by joe d on Today at 11:46:53 AM »
That came out really nice.  I do like the flywheel as well :cheers:

Your Own Design / Re: 1/4 Scale Cosworth DFV Engine
« Last post by JonC on Today at 11:20:44 AM »
Hello Jon,

That looks to be a very practical solution to the staggered cylinders and belts.  :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp:

I assume the crankshaft pulley has the two belts running side by side.

I am impressed with your idea of building a plastic mock-up to tease out all the tolerance and clearance issues before you commit to the castings. You cannot afford to find problems, once the die is cast, as they say.


Hi Mike,

Yes, both belts run off the crankshaft

From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by Vixen on Today at 10:58:30 AM »

I always admire your skills and love the way this engine is coming together.  :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp:

Two questions?

What screw threads are you using? I ask, because the nuts have nice proportions. Small metric nuts are all the wrong shape for models. They are intended for ease of tightening and not for looks.

Have you anodised the cylinder heads? They look great

Chatterbox / Re: True Engineering Skill
« Last post by pgp001 on Today at 10:47:04 AM »
I fully get where you are coming from with this.

I work as a design engineer in a manufacturing company, and I have a steady flow of machinists and fitters coming in to the office telling me that they "cannot" do something that has been designed.
In reality what they mean is they "cannot be bothered" to do it because they might have to do a bit of work for a change.
Our machinist has some really nice semi CNC lathes and milling machines etc, and he gets a bit miffed when I go down there to show him how to do his job.

Glad I am now counting the weeks up to retirement, I have had my fill of it now after 33 years.  :ThumbsUp:

Where in N Yorks are you by the way, I am just over the border in W Yorks.

Your Own Design / Re: Mercedes-Benz W165 Grand Prix engine in 1:3 scale
« Last post by Vixen on Today at 10:35:11 AM »

"Can you see what it's going to be yet, Ralph?"

It's going to be a big pile of swarf and a little bit of metal left.  ;)

Would be interesting to know what the before and after weights are.

Well... the block started off at 1.37Kg (that a little over 3 lb) so there is plenty of potential for a big pile of swarf. You will have to wait for the finished weight.  :LittleDevil:

Achim, I did not go for the option where the dealer knows whats hidden inside. Instead I went for the cheaper "Kinder Surprise" option and will need to peel all the metal away to find out whats inside. Sometimes I am lucky and a nice engine part is hidden inside. Sometimes, there is only a useless lump of misshapen metal.

You pays yer money and takes yer chance.   :lolb: :lolb:

I can vouch for the fact that these work just fine, and are pretty cheap for what you get.
I had to buy a thermocouple with a longer tip than the one in in the kit, but it was very cheap.

You may be able to locate one near to you.

From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by fumopuc on Today at 09:05:49 AM »
Impressive parts - but why did you not let the CNC do the holes in those parts ?
I mean - that would ensure total accuracy with regard to placement and angles ....
Yes you would have to change tool, to do the final 'Reaming' for the axle, but ....


Hi Per, I do trust the CNC 100% too, but I do not trust the lathe and conventional mill operator afterwards. :mischief:
To do the set up for the flat surface machining aligned proper to the  cam shaft holes is not as easy.
So my decisions was  here to go the idiot proofed way.
First: general shape.
Second: flat surface as reference.
Third: cam shaft holes aligned to the flat surface.
So I have modified an old fixture for the next mill set up.
The brackets now clamped in the same way as fixed to the engine.
In my eyes the best way to archive same position of cam shaft bearing in all 4 brackets.
From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by fumopuc on Today at 08:47:27 AM »
:praise2: :praise2: What is the extra piece on the left hand bracket for?

Hi Roger, that should be the new home of the distributor.
Thanks for watching.

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