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Your Own Design / Re: Kearsarge Windlass Engines
« Last post by crueby on Today at 04:29:40 PM »
Down to the final pieces - have been making up the piping for the steam to connect both engines. Here is the section between them, soldered up then painted, except for the connections:

Valve/pipes on the rope drum engine:

and on the chain drum engine:

They are all connected now, ready for final paint touchup on the connections. Here is a video showing both engines running, and how slow the chain drum engine will run now, with about 20psi from the compressor, and the needle valve controlling the flow. With the needle valve full open, it will run down to just a few PSI of air pressure.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Once the painting is done later today, it will be a short waiting time for the replacement chain to arrive, probably in about a week. At that point, I'll take more final portraits and a better video, and close out the build. Been a fun one!!  I know there will be questions on what the next project is after that, and first will be to go back to the radio-controlled Ruston steam shovel model that I started back in the spring, and get that finished up and ready for the dirt pile! There is already a build thread for that one over in Chatterbox (its powered with electric motors, not a steam engine). After that, it will be time to revisit the Ransome Tree Feller project from a couple years ago, that stalled out when I couldn't get my version of the funky twisting valve setup working well enough at small scale. Since then, I've thought out another arrangement using a shuttle valve like many boiler feedwater pumps use, in combination with some valve links seen on steam riverboats. Should be fun to finally get that design in running order, that will likely be sometime this fall.

 :cheers: :cheers:
Your Own Design / Re: Kearsarge Windlass Engines
« Last post by crueby on Today at 04:11:15 PM »
Thanks guys!

I've never had a chance to see an anchor of a big ship dropped in person, but have seen videos where its obvious how LOUD and scary it is when the chain is running free! Then when raising anchor, its a much more sedate Clank Clank Clank Clank as it comes back in. On the Kearsarge, they did have the brake bands on the chain drums to give some control as to how fast it would go out, but I bet that was a delicate balance of force on such huge moving weights.

Just did a web search, and found a table of approximate weights of anchor chain. For 2-1/2" stud link chain like the Kearsarge chain, they are estimating 97 Kilos per meter. For 100 meters of chain (common length for a ship), thats 9700 kilos just for the chain, or 21384 pounds. The Kearsarge's largest anchor is shown as 14000 pounds. That gives a total lift weight (assuming very deep water where the anchor is off the bottom at full chain length) of 35384 pounds! Now, in most cases the chain would be laying out on a shallower bottom with much less angling up to the ship, but still thats the kind of weight that the engine/windlass would have to be designed to handle. Quite impressive!
Your Own Design / Re: Kearsarge Windlass Engines
« Last post by John MacArthur on Today at 03:49:34 PM »
"Somehow I messed up the scaling math from the original prints on the chain, not sure how!"

I know exactly how.  I've kept a drawer of "mistakes" over many years to keep reminding me.  It's alarming how big the pile has become.
Beautiful build!
From Plans / Re: Ohrndorf V12, new challange
« Last post by RReid on Today at 03:00:48 PM »
Hello Achim. Having just had time to read through and look more closely at the pictures of the crankshaft assembly process and associated parts, I'm even more impressed. Clever stuff!
Specific Engine Help / Re: Possibility for ringless piston
« Last post by Kartagener on Today at 08:59:58 AM »
No you really want a lot closer than that, even with rings that is a lot more than I would allow. something like 0.001" or 0.02mm on that sort of diameter if you want to put  a number on it but I just do it by feel. You also want a good finish on the bore (this one was not the best)

Have a look at this video of the fit for the engineI just completed. The end of the cylinder is just being held on a flat surface, with the steam/air port uncovered the piston drops straight to the bottom. If I put my finger over the port it takes a long while to drop. No Piston ring and no oil to seal anything.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Thanks! What a beautiful little engine!
From Plans / Re: Unusual Corliss
« Last post by Caber on Today at 08:59:53 AM »
So I think I understand how to do this. I made a cut away model of the valve and valve chest to see how it works and realise that the eccentrics need to be at 90 degrees to the crank and advance is controlled by the rotational position of the valve in the chest. In a full size engine the valve would act against the ports but here it acts against the steam chest aperture. In a proper Corlis the advance is fixed by the valve position and cut off by the trip mechanism that I may come back to on mine once it is running. The major issue is setting the exhaust valves as I donít know what overlap I need to make the valve steam tight. Currently my geometry gives a rotation of about 35degrees which seems adequate to keep the valve open as wide as the port area for most of the stroke. Timing to get the opening close to bottom dead centre but steam  tight during the previous power stroke will be the challenge. As there wants to be marginal advance on the inlet and it is possible to take the inlet cover off when the engine is erected is a bit less of an issue😃
From Plans / Re: Ohrndorf V12, new challange
« Last post by Admiral_dk on Today at 08:58:03 AM »
When I saw the first picture of the assembly Spacer / Jig - I thought - Smart but you are never getting it off again (not thinking about a removeable Pin)  :ThumbsUp:

Thank you for showing another useful trick  :ThumbsUp:

Per           :cheers:                         :popcorn:
Your Own Design / Re: Kearsarge Windlass Engines
« Last post by Keith1500 on Today at 08:18:13 AM »
I have really enjoyed this build. Thank you for post it up.  :ThumbsUp:

I recall being on a cruise ship which was about to drop anchor. There was a passageway to the rear of this area where the passengers could watch. Not that many ever did. Oh-my!  :o Such violence as the anchor chain rattled its way out of the chain locker and over the winch and out. An amazing amount of rust dust lingered in the air for ages. I can not imagine what it would be like in such a small space as you described. Quite frightening I would imagine.

Your Own Design / Re: Kearsarge Windlass Engines
« Last post by crueby on July 19, 2024, 08:43:17 PM »
You sure you didn't pick up the elves' shop calculator by mistake?  :Lol:   :cheers:
My fingers wont fit the buttons on theirs!   :Lol:   It was bad when they swapped out my TV remote with one sized for them!
From Plans / Re: Ohrndorf V12, new challange
« Last post by crueby on July 19, 2024, 08:42:16 PM »
Impressive parts!   :popcorn: :popcorn:
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