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Yet Another Stuart Major Beam Engine

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That locomotive looks fantastic.  I've a set of major beam castings still aging away....nice to see one where things are getting done!

I've done an initial inspection today, just to give me an idea of that which I have bought. Even though the main casting work looks reasonable, there is much to rectify or replace. In summary, if I offered it to my two Shi-Tzus for breakfast they would relish it!
A few examples;
Entablature is two mm too fat against the main column. It ill have to be machined properly to size.

I would be ashamed of these parallel motion links!

As I would these!

This piston rod gland is well oversized and would not grip the packing if it tried!

Here's the porting. BTW the apertures are huge!

Here's the cylinder now that I have marked it out. I hope that he was going to machine the ports to size...

I'll put it all away and finish the Stirling.
Thanks for looking in.

The loco looks amazing.

The Stuart Major will be quite some project - enjoy!

Back onto the Stuart Major as the Stirling Single is now 'resting' on the sideboard in the conservatory! I want to get the major components finished before I attack the detail, so I made a start on the cylinder porting. I haven't used the FB2 mill attachment for yonks, so it was nice to feel a 'real' mill at work rather than my Proxxon BF40. I used a 7/32 3 flute cutter, and just split the scribed lines by eye. The ball end cutter eased the flow in the bottom of the ports. Measuring up afterwards I'm only a a couple of tenths of a millimetre out so that is fine. I'm in two minds as to whether I should 'square up' the port ends. This is a plodding engine, and as I'm getting lazy in my old age I might just leave things as they are!
More tomorrow.

Mating the base plate to the cylinder casting.

I've got the seasonal activities out of the way so time to crack on! I was very unhappy with the plate/cylinder mating faces, so unhappy that I was seriously thinking of moving the whole thing on! However, I gave myself a shake and told myself "You are a precision engineer! Fix it!" so here are a few pics.

The problem: wrong base screw fixing pcd puts the cylinder 3mm out of position. The only solution was to machine the base plate boss to suit.

I knew that I was pushing my luck with this little boring head...

I removed the tailstock and got stuck in. Lowest revs and a gentle feel on the quill sufficed.

Gently does it until the tool touched the base plate surface.

I call this a result! I'll get rid of the chatter marks with a round file. V. Happy to move on.


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