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Yet Another Stuart Major Beam Engine

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Hi folks. I've been absent for a while since I finished all those engines. I've just bought an unfinished Stuart Major that will keep me busy after I've finished my current locomotive, and I see that there is an excellent thread by Chipmaster to follow!

 I've been distracted by this which will be finished shortly...

I look forward to posting on here again.

Is this a second Major Beam after that one you beat me to in 2017  :stickpoke:

And how's the Britannia coming on  ::)


No, it isn't, as it is is my first Major beam, and the Britannia is just how I want it thank you.  Its condition is my business, not yours, and if you want to criticise or score points may I suggest you do it on the MECH forum?

Loco in the photo (don't think it is a Brit) looks good and does not look like it will need much more work before you get onto the beam at least to my non loco eyes.

Looks like someone had all the fun of machining the castings and has left you with the fiddly bits at least you won't have the problem of fitting the flywheel onto a lathe. What's the previous workmanship like?

Hi Jason. Yes, the 'major' work has been done, and I quite like doing the fiddly bits! What small bits that have been done are not done well, so there's a winter's work for me!
The loco is a Stirling 8 foot Single, circa 1870.


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