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So, I was a little apprehensive about posting this since I'm new here and there wont be anything particularly impressive or interesting about any of this. However I wanted have a place to document the progression of the shed over time so I can look back at how its grown.

It started as just a garden shed full of useless rubbish. I initially squeezed a small bench and table into one side of it to tinker with RC cars. When it came to purchasing machine tools, I decided to build and identical shed next to the current one to move all the rubbish into and built a new, stronger bench and a more substantial table.

As you can see, I'm currently working with a small (non ferrous) bandsaw, a small drill press, small belt sander, there is a small bench grinder too but I accidentally set the buffing wheel on fire so that was cooling down in the BBQ outside.

As for machine tools, I have a Warco WM14 mill and WM180 lathe, which I'm fairly happy with so far.

I designed and made my first engine during the Covid lockdown period here in the UK and I've fully gotten the bug, so here I am to try and learn and progress. Hopefully I'll be able to add to this thread fairly regularly with additions and modifications.

Thanks for allowing me to drone on!

That is a plenty useful shed, not much different than a lot of the ones here. Great job on that engine, very smooth runner! Double-acting, from the looks of it? Nicely done!

That's a wonderful shop you have there, Josh!  I can see spending hours happily working away in that space.  And a very respectable set of tools too!  Looks like a lot of fun :)

An excellent, well equiipped shed to have fun in.  Welcome to the forum......Enjoy :cheers:         Terry

Roger B:
That's a very respectable workshop and a good result  :praise2:  :praise2: Keep up the good work  :ThumbsUp:  :wine1:


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