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--- Quote from: Art K on February 17, 2021, 01:47:35 AM ---Chris,
Looks and runs great! Good thing OSHA didn't see the elves riding on top of the cab. Not sure what you'd do with all that Elfsteiner beer if they got hurt. :mischief:

--- End quote ---
I'd spend three weeks opening all those teeny bottles to fill a mug to drink it.   :lolb:

Given time, the survivor driver Mr Ethan Oll could probably soak up a substantial amount of the beer himself...... :Lol:

Or Chris could likely whip up an automated bottle de-capper / drain to mug machine in a half a day!  :Lol: :cheers:

The shop elves must be getting ready to brew another batch of beer, they have sewn up some grain bags and gone out to get them filled...

Are you sure the bags aren't full of brass chips from the recent pump build, gathered up by the shop elves to smuggle out for resale to Bob the iffy scrappy?   :shrug:

Course you will know shortly, if it is grain in the bags, you will have the lovely smell >ahem< of the malting floor wafting out of the elf lair.......  :Lol:

The shop elves are excited, their beer wagon is on the cover of the latest Live Steam issue!  They are off celebrating, doing steam burnouts in the driveway. Again.   :Lol:

Also saw a picture on the Reader Photo page of forum member Sid Pileski's Bernay engine - beautifully done!   :ThumbsUp:


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