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All ready here to start the build on a 5-ton Mann Patent Steam Wagon in 1:8 scale! Been planning this one for a while now, researching the machines (with help from some of you out there, Thanks! ). There are a handful of these left in the world, scattered around a number of countries. Unfortunately the closest one I have found is all the way over in Vancouver, while I am on the wrong side of the continent to pop over and see it. This video was the first look I had at one, being loaded up with a small steam shovel:
Another video taken from inside the cab, shows the compound engine nicely:
and one driving by:
Here is a great video showing the details around the engine:

So, I took all those, plus details from a stack of old books that I have accumulated, along with some photos that the curator out at the museum min Vancouver kindly sent me, and started drawing the wagon in Fusion 3D. Started with a full-sized version, then took a copy of that and scaled it down to 1:8 original size, which worked out to be large enough for a good boiler/engine but just small enough that I can still move it without a crane - it will be around 32" long, most of that the cargo bed. The boiler will be about 3" diameter, with a two-cylinder compound engine and a 3 speed transmission, down to a chain drive to the differential on the rear axle. Here is a render from the 3D CAD model:

A view from underneath:

and a closer view from up top:

I've gotten the workbench cleared off, moved the excavator up to the big bench in the wood shop where it has room to maneuver, and brought in the books and plans, along with the materials for the boiler and engine:

The big steel bar was a good find - was pricing out short lengths and found this offcut drop at Yarde Metals - over 3' long for less money than a 1' piece at the normal suppliers. Heavy beast, 50 pounds, but a lifetime supply of 2.5" diameter 303 stainless! Also had the engine components 3D printed for reference, have found that a very handy thing to help keep track of parts with odd shapes and to plan out order of cuts.

Got the 2D paper plans all made up from the 3D model, along with figuring out the holding fixture for the engine block, shown with the stack of books. One nice find was a copy of an original Mann catalog that I got from the Road Locomotive Society over in England. The gentleman who runs the storefront was kind enough to dig out their copy and scan it for me (reprints were long sold out) - I sent them a nice donation for the time and postage, was great that he was willing to take the time for that.

And to fill out the rest of the 'castings', my bar stock supply should work out pretty well. Also have enough copper sheet stock for the end caps on the boiler.

So, stay tuned for actual fabrication. I am going to start with the boiler, since that is actually the center of the structure of the Mann wagons, the front axle assembly hangs off the front, and the cargo bed/rear axle frame bolts to the back of the boiler. The boiler will be copper with bronze fittings, am using the tables in Kozo's books for thicknesses of the materials. First things made will be to cut the boiler tube to length, and make the wood forming blocks for the end caps.

Hi Chris, I am prepared for following along.

I am looking forward to watching progress on this one, having had a full size one many years ago.



--- Quote from: fumopuc on May 25, 2020, 04:48:12 PM ---Hi Chris, I am prepared for following along.

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--- Quote from: pgp001 on May 25, 2020, 05:35:35 PM ---I am looking forward to watching progress on this one, having had a full size one many years ago.


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Hope it brings back some good memories! As I recall, the one your family had went to Australia? I found some references to a couple there, at least one went back to England again.


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