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Re: A Simple Uniflow Engine
« Reply #435 on: July 15, 2021, 02:06:15 PM »
That's a really interesting design Gary, for the longest time I really had no idea where you were headed with this, and now I see that you had a plan the whole time. :)
Great project and great outcome, nicely done!


Thanks Dave - very kind of you.

I had a pretty clear view from the start as to where I wanted to go with it, though I may not have explained it very clearly. The one main mid-build change was that I had originally intended it to be symmetrical, with two pulleys inboard of the frame sides and twin brass flywheels. However, the two brass flywheels combined weren't heavy enough so I made one of them into a pulley and made a new and much bigger flywheel out of some steel that I had. The whole frame became narrower (and better-looking) because of that, which was a bonus. It also leaves me with two spare pulleys for a future project, which is nice. Other than that fairly major change it's as per my initial idea.