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Converted an inlet valve into an 'ex-valve'


I couldn't get my twenty plus year old model Gardner O Type to run yesterday. I hadn't run the engine for almost a year and it seemed to be lacking compression The inlet valve was leaking so I removed and dismantled the combustion chamber / valve block and reground the valve but that failed to do the trick. Close inspection revealed wear to the valve face so I thought I'd re-face the valve in my lathe holding the stem in a chuck and the top slide set at 45 degrees. All was going well, I was on the home straight then the tool dug in and bent the 1/8" diameter stem somewhat.

Here are a couple of pictures of the old bent valve and the replacement made by soldering the head onto the stem -  1/8 diameter silver steel,

IMG_1254 (2) by Andy, on Flickr

IMG_1256 (2) by Andy, on Flickr

There is a happy ending - the engine has been running well this afternoon.



--- Quote ---bent the 1/8" diameter stem somewhat.
--- End quote ---


Roger B:
Glad you've got it working again  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:  :wine1:  I guess that the original valve had been hardened a bit by running.

I tried several times to repair cracked tubular exhaust manifolds on my competition cars but they always cracked again  :( I finally realised that they were at red heat in a carbon rich atmosphere from the exhaust and were being hardened  ::)  :toilet_claw:

Here's a video of the repaired engine. I used the 'slo-mo' option on my iPhone and was impressed, particularly by the sound track.



Runs great! The slo-mo is pretty cool too!


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