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I am in need of 18" of rigid copper tube, 1/4"OD x 1/16"(min) wall (or a Metric tube very near to these dimensions.)
This is for longitudinal boiler stays (blower lines, and such) and is available here in the USA, but from only one source and is annealed coiled stock and only sold in 10 & 30ft coils.
I was curious if anyone knows of a cut-to-order source in the UK.

I see it in 3/8" diameter, the 1/4" is very small for that thickness of wall. Does it really need to be that thick a wall?

Dan Rowe:
Check ebay for 6mm copper tube there is 1.5mm wall coming from China which might be a bit slow to arrive.


Macc in the UK do C106 copper which is suitable for boilers in 1/4" OD x 16g wall (1.6mm), 12" & 24" lengths.

Thanks to all for your source suggestions.


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