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Hi all

I posted a photo in another section showing my Bond's Simplex engine which is almost finished.

I thought I would share a few photo's taken during the actual machining operations.

This is an original period 1930's advert showing the water cooled version of this engine. It would have been used in a tethered hydroplane.

And a complete period air cooled engine.

Here are the castings as purchased in an assorted box of junk on ebay.

Someone had previously bored out the crankcases and mated them together, but that was it.

So I put a wanted ad on another forum which produced an original 1933 dated drawing for the engine, another ad found me a pair of the special skew timing gears........talk about lucky  :ThumbsUp:

So I was armed with enough parts and information to make a start.

More to follow.


Nice finds on the drawings and gears, sometimes things just work out like that.

Looking forward to watching your progress.



Here is a selection of crankcase machining operations.

Set up on a rigid post mounted on my own design of low height indexing table, it allowed a few faces and holes to be done with minimal re-setting.

And using a boring and facing head to machine the register in the top face for the cylinder.


A really great resurrection project, at least three sources contributing, and I look forward to following progress. That catalogue looks as if it should be mandatory reading for all members!



Thanks for showing this - it looks a really nice, well proportioned engine and great find on the castings / gears! Bet you couldn't believe your luck!



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