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Re: Small 3D Printers
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Take a look at the Dremel 3D20 it is very much work out of the box.

They just do what they say they will do in standard configuration.

I am now running carbon fibre filled PLA through mine with great results.


Thanks for the input Barrie. I just had a quick look at it ..................looks pretty nice.  :ThumbsUp: I'm sure I'll be back with more questions after I check it out.

Also, welcome to Model Engine Maker. It looks like you've been registered for a while..............glad to see a post from you. Lots of nice folks here.

When you feel up to it, please post in the "Introduction" forum. We'd like to know what you're interested in (obviously 3D printing for one thing).  :)

Cheers,  :cheers: Jim
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