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If you're not that technical.... look away now.

Right, now I have your attention :) This weekend, I'll re-configure the forum to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Most likely, nothing whatsoever will change... except you'll get the little padlock icon in the corner by the URL, indicating your connection to the server is encrypted.

HTTPS is already activated for the server, and we have a self-renewing certificate installed.... but I need to do a bit of reconfiguration to both the SMF software, and the server, to switch it over properly. I don't know exactly what time it'll happen, but it should only take 10-15 minutes. I'll put the forum into maintenance mode when I do it, so you will hopefully get a friendly(ish) message, rather than just a blank screen or an error message...

So, what will you have to do to access this shiny new encrypted forum? Absolutely nothing! Existing bookmarks will continue to work, as will any off-site links you may have posted to content here. The server will automagically re-direct any insecure http:// requests to the new secure https:// equivalent.

If anyone has any concerns or questions, please feel free to PM me. Otherwise, enjoy!

Thanks Ade  8)

For the non technical: This upgrade to the server is all about keeping you and our forum secure, and you shouldn't see any difference  :)

Its all about preventing the sort of problems that the attack from the Chinese IP addresses a few months ago could have caused  :zap:


Great news Ade. Thanks for looking out for us.


Just a quick update on this... due to Life Events<sup>tm</sup> interfering... I've not got around to doing this yet. I'll try again this weekend coming, so Forumus Interruptus Delayus.... :)

Good to know in case things go wonky for a bit.



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