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Alba 1A Restoration

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Hi James,
 Looking good. Shapers are wonderful machines to loose yourself watching them chomping thru metal!
Dads got a 7Ē Ammco, can watch it for hours! He recently got annoyed enuff to sort out the cross feed, it would advance then partially retract. He not sure why the light bulb went on but he put a leather washer under the adjuster nut on the cross feed, it gives just enuff grip & now feeds as it should. I had a hunt on line, the parts info I found didnít help any, so I contacted the guy that runs the shaper website, he didnít know either! Anyway it worked, maybe something to look out for when you get things together.

Cheers Kerrin

Thanks Kerrin. Iíll watch out for that.

Found this video I did before pulling things apart.  I was proofing the 220v  1P to 380v 3P VFD I had purchased was going to play ball nicely.

Have been quietly working away and pondering things.  Got the base onto a 450kg rated moving dolly.  Best purchase ever! It has made moving this inside and out for cleaning soo much easier.

Anyway, when cleaning the top chip tray I found a hole    :facepalm:

What to do.  So after some pondering I took to it with a carbide bur to get the worst of the junk out of the way then JB Weld to the rescue!

Pic 1 - the top chip tray, you can probably see the hole post cleanup

Pic 2 - the HOLE.    :censored:

Pic 3 - JB Weld to the rescue - I hope

Pic 4 -  :censored:  :cussing:  :Mad: More sodding holes these ones put there on purpose by previous owner(s). Oh well, some steel round as plugs, JB Weld as putty/glue and they will get solved.

It can be amazing how many holes, dings and marks can be found under the paint/filler on machine tool surfaces.

I am not sure what the standard filler/smoother is they use but JB Weld seems to be over kill (expensive) I suspect they normally use some sort of Epoxy resin like car body filler.



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