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Right the leveling feet are done and installed.  I have some photos and will describe the key dimensions and parts.

Pic 1:  The main parts.  We have
(a) an ice hockey puck.  These are around 75mm OD and about 25mm thick. The hollow that has been bored out is 49.8mm diameter and 11.5mm deep. I used aluminium inserts on a boring bar to cut the rubber.  Given these inserts of rather sharp they worked a treat.  You could use a HSS tool as well, but you would want to make sure it has a super fine hone on its edge.  This rubber liked very sharp tooling.
(b) M16 x 2mm all thread cut to a length of between 100-110mm
(c) the metal disk is 75mm OD and 17mm thick. The inner circle is 50mm and has been releaved around it so it has a height of 11.5mm.  Therefore when looking side on to the part in its elevation you have two discs.  One being 5.5mm thick with a diameter of 75mm and one being 11.5mm thick with a diameter of 50mm.  The metal disk also has a through hole that is threaded M16 for the all thread rod.  I did this on the lathe but if you have a tap that would be a convenient method.  On the plus side having to do more single point threading did get me more acquanted with using the thread chasing dial on the lathe.  By the time I fgot to the 3rd one I was getting quite proficient.

Pic 2 & 3: Show initial assembly

Pic 4: All the parts having been made, the threaded rod TIG welded into the metal bases from the under side.  It's not going anywhere.   8)

Pic 5: Feet installed and working a treat.  With the gap between floor and casting I can get an oil drip tray under there. Given this is a loosely oiling system there is a lot of dripping if you are keeping key parts properly lubricated.

Cheers - J.

This should really be the last on this topic.  Anything else will be net new content and I will post on a new thread.

This is a little video showing how I set the stroke length and ram position on the Alba.  I then do what are probably my second ever set of cuts on this machine.

Cheers - James.

Nice work James. You should be very happy with how she is working! You’ve done a great job on the make over.

Cheers Kerrin

Thanks Kerrin.  I have been having great fun.  There are still improvements I think I might need to do over time.  But at the moment things seem to be working ok.  I'm leanring a lot as I go and have even pushed myself into making some youtube vids for a giggle.

The wee shaper is doing quite well.   Given it's ownly a light machine I have been getting 0.5mm DoCs with a stepover of around 0.2mm on a length of cut of 127mm at 55 spm (in imperial in order of the numbers that is 20 thou, 8 thou and 5").   It doesn't sound like much until you see the chips coming off and the smoke from the cutting oil.

Check out the pic attached.


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