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Sorry only just seen this post, will sort out photo and some measurements.

Have just collected my castings, ended up with a few extras.

Just waiting for the third casting to be done.

If anyone is in the market for a set of arms for an Excel Die Filer please PM me.


Those look like nice castings Colin  :) Which foundry did you use to do them?


Purbright Castings in Willenhall.  Very pleased with them.  At least have a spare or two in case (when) I cock up machining a pair.  Just waiting for another casting to be done which should hopefully have next week.

Are you going to Midland Model Show in Oct?


A week after I collected the first batch of castings I was able to collect the castings for the pillar base.  The first picture shows a set of the three castings. :)

Now finally managed to make a start on the castings.  The cast iron machines beautifully and with no hard spots.  My parting off of the base from the chucking piece, did not quite go to plan.  Glad I had goggles on as my HSS parting blade shattered and sent bits all round the workshop. :censored:  It had to stick out quite a bit from the holder to clear the large boss on the casting.  Reverted to plan B and put it in the bandsaw.

The support arms I am doing on the Bridgeport clone. They faced off nicely and I reamed the first one, having gone through several drill up to 13/16", then had a go at boring out a little further prior to reaming it 7/8".  It cam out just a tad loose.  The second one I bored out all the way from the 13/16".  This came out much better. :ThumbsUp:  Live and learn.  Do like the auto downfeed on the mill and the auto-retraction once it has got to depth.

Then fitted the new horizontal milling attachment to drill and slit the support arms, only to find the R8 arbor would not fit.  Checked all my arbors and R8 collets and only found 3 that would fit, around a further 20 would not insert. :thinking: Of the three that fitted, one was a few years old and the other was brand new and came with the horizontal attachment.  The bore in the horizontal attachment was absolutely on size to the R8 spec.  Almost all the other collets and arbors were a couple of tenths over spec and had to be polished with a bit of emery in the lathe.  A couple of them then wanted the keyway cleaning up with a file.  Got there in the end.

Just need to sort out the alignment of the horizontal attachment and then set the castings up for my first attempt with a slitting saw.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Second photo shown arms bored out.


They are now all done bar a coat of paint.
Quite pleased how they have turned out.

Even my attempt at heat treatment of the roller worked.  Last time did this is was for my dad about 30 years ago.



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