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I have recently obtained an Excel Die Filer.  It runs almost silently.  I have had to top up the oil reservoir and have also fitted a Stop/Start/NVR switch.  I have obtained a few parallel files which require some modifications to enable me to use them on the machine.

It came with the Saw overarm but not the File Support arm (and roller) or pillar.

The pillar is easy to replicate its just a piece of 1.25" round bar.  The roller support arm and the hold down clamp appear from the couple of photographs I have seen to be identical castings but fitted the opposite way to each other on the pillar.  The support arm has round bar inserted/clamped in the end which is possibly around 1/2" in diameter and which has a roller on the end.  The second casting has a possibly similar sized bar which is belt to form the hold down arm.

Does anyone have any good pictures of these items and could provide me with the dimensions.  I would like to try and get a pattern made and have a pair of arms cast.

Thanks in advance.


Don't have drawings, and nothing for the Excel filer...but I've been looking at these for inspiration


The second to last picture shows a die filer that is mounted between centers, and driven by a lathe.    MT2 taper shank on the right, and a crank drive on the left.
I have the Martin castings, but I have no bench space to spare for a die filer and a motor to drive it.    So I'm modifying my build to follow the lathe driven solution.

That way the whole thing goes in the lathe cabinet when not in use, and I'll have variable speed drive.   


I now have pictures and dimensions for the missing arms :ThumbsUp:, so need to get a drawing done and make a pattern.  Can then get a couple of castings done and make a set of arms which will hopefully look a bit like the original ones fitted to the machine.


I too have an excel filing machine. Would you be interested to make some measurements of the saw overarm?



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