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Ball turning attachment from OMW

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I have some ball handles to make, and there's a possibility of making more than two.

I looked at machining a form tool, but with tool steel, I don't think it'll last too many handles, and the 0-1 stock in the size required wasn't cheap!...

So I took a look at this

Yeah I could make it....I says....and the other voice said   Yeah When!!!   so I bought it

they have two sizes, but I don't regularly turn balls, and when I do, they're sub 3/4 and I usually interpolate and polish/file them.

I got this today, and I immediately dropped it in a tool holder, knocked the wax off the presharpened and mounted tool, and challenged a piece of brass.

I was pretty impressed.  It's rugged for it's size, and it turned a nice little spherical end!   
It came with instructions for use,  which....I eventually read....  8)

I'd say I think it's worth it.  Glad I have it, it's nicely made, what's not to love?

The tool it came with is quite sharp.   I would radius the tip of it for brass...but it's HSS and removable and they sell replacements.


Nice looking little thing. I like it much better than the one sherline sells too, this is a much more standard design.


Yeah Dave got one of those before I made the one from Hemingway it isnít very ridget. It will turn brass pretty well but metal it has a tendency to move. It will do for what you want though!


Well...under the heading of lots of light cuts,  it'll do fine for me for the occasional ball.

I'll be making some ball handles for the Levin...I'll post it up and we'll see how it goes.


the rig did great!

some quirks...

then handle is long and tends to foul the tool post.  You need to spend some time locating it.  It attaches with a set screw

The tool had a very small radius on it...knock it off just a touch...

The top of the tool MUST stay horizontal

The tool MUST be on center

0.005 per pass is could take more, but it worked better with lots of light passes

Setting the radius with a ruler is unsatisfying....I'll come up with a way to set it with a depth micrometer

Steel was "some steel" grade.  I'm guessing maybe 1018 or 12L14...not sure  Doesnt seem to machine as nice as 12L14

Works on 0-1.

I'm satisfied, and it works great for those not too accurate balls you usually use for tool handles and such..



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