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Stuart Triple - dealing with the sheet metal lagging.

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Another Q on finishing off the Stuart Triple.

No other part of this build has caused me more consternation than the sheet metal lagging covering both sides of the engine.  I guess what concerns me is the metal has to bent around the profiles of the cylinders which includes curves and flats and is made from blued steel.  the challenges are hole locations in the lagging matching with tapped holes in the casting (not yet made), how to get it all to sit flat and how to bend and work without marring the finish.  I'd also thought to make the holding screws 0-80 because there isn't much to drill and tap into, but it seems small for cast iron - what do you think, will it work?

I also am unclear whether the lagging should go under the various pipe flanges.  If not cutting it out will be a great challenge as will having it sit tight to the casting around the flange, but if so, how does that effect the seal of the flange, you'll have an extra layer of metal there, are two gaskets required, etc

Any ideas to help me stop hiding under the bed on this one?  thanks

Best thing is to use some stiff card and get that all cut and fitted than transfer holes and cutouts to the blued steel. Put the small screw holes in the sheet first and transfer to the casting rather than guessing where the y come under the template.

Put some tape or adhesive vinyl over the metal so yu don't mark it while working.

I tend to use 10BA or M1.6 screws which are approx 1/16" dia.

Cut the sheet around all pipework, flanges etc

Thin 0.5mm aluminium sheet is a lot easier to work than the blued steel and once sprayed looks fine and no risk of rusting.

that looks very workman like, and and good tips - thanks.  AL sounds like a plan, easier to work and easy to replace if I make a scrap bin sacrifice.  Still....those reverse curves on the triple creep me out


What sort of paint do you use on aluminium to get a blued steel look ?


I don't attempt to match it, either paint the colour of the engine or satin black looks quite nice. Stuarts do an anodized aluminium which has a blue/brown tinge and that is what they have supplied with the engines for the last 30yrs+.

I thought Jo may have had some advice as she has built three of these, but then again the cleading tends to be done at the finishing stage ;)


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