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G4000 fumble
« on: November 04, 2018, 01:53:36 PM »
This weekend finally getting a bit of shop time in, mostly digging out. Decided to dig out the shaper and start it up. needed a good lube I squared up a block with the grandson watching. Of course at four he wanted more. So on to the the lathe the g4000 i bought from Scott a few years ago. The cross slide was tight real tight . and i tried to  force it. I know better . All I had to do was loosen the handle nut an would have been fine , bu no i continued to force it until I  broke the pot metal bracket. That was when i discovered the nut was too tight. and it was too late. So almost $70 in parts a bit of expensive lesson . i ordered a new bracket , lead screw and for good measure a nut. the screw was buggered i expect wear from previous use. And the kicker was the 3 gib pins i ordered kicked the shipping cost by $3( i managed to lose one of those)
So the good news is the parts were all available and in stock.  I would have been worse if the parts had been discontinued. the replacement part appears to be stronger and the lead screw was buggered anyway . And only damaged metal.
The takeaway never force anything if it does not move there is a reason find it research the net if needed and above all THINK.
I checked the Manual and this point of the procedure is not mentioned. So do not think one can not rely on the manual. The manual does not replace thought and common sense.
Like a vet mentioned to me years ago "The most important tool I have is my brain, and that is a scary thought. " Think quickly if you must but think before you act. it could save you from costly mistakes. An if you have time step away think and evaluate then proceed.