Author Topic: DIY Measurement fuel quantity and EGT  (Read 6552 times)

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Re: DIY Measurement fuel quantity and EGT
« Reply #45 on: November 21, 2018, 10:13:48 PM »
I can't be sure, but I think that the pot is a "wire-wound" one and these can be strange beasts  ::)

One reason is the very low resistance - it is obviously made to "drive" an old mechanical meter directly and these usually requires quite a bit of current in the automobile world - a more "modern" pot would not like high current.

The second is the strange value change - if the wires aren't consistent wound around the former, you will get irregular changes as the angle changes and sometimes even no connection along the way => this type is crap in connection to a MCU ....

If you do have to change it - use one that has a max resistance about 1KOhm. and a travel as few degrees more than needed as possible (unless you get down to less than 10-15 degree extra).

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Re: DIY Measurement fuel quantity and EGT
« Reply #46 on: January 05, 2019, 11:51:53 AM »
Thanks for the input and ideas Admiral!

My apologies for my late response. I have been busy in recent weeks. And there are other activities in between. In this way I did not continue with this project.
I want to continue with this soon.

Good point regarding the wire wound potentiometer. However, these sensors are available with 95 ohms and one of 200 ohms.

But an accuracy with the current 95 ohm sensor would be fine. Given that I use it as a gauge.
However, it is only important that it gives us some repeatable results. Run a matter of multiple measurements to check this.