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I've been trying to find a copy of the plans for Elmer's horizontal wobbler engine (No. 25).  I remembered seeing it on and even saved a bookmark to the site because of all the other good stuff on there.  The site appears to have been down for a while.  :(  Such a shame if this site has gone with the wealth of interesting plans.   A web search for the engine plans all point there.  Does anyone know of any other site that has Elmer's plans?

Actually just found this:  Elmer's Engines in PDF available.  It's a slow download but worth the wait.

It appears to be a legit download and not dodgy.  Also it's free!

Hope the site comes back again, it was a great source!

Thanks for the link Nigel. When you can please post an introduction in the "introduce yourself" section and tell us a bit about yourself and your interests.


Hi there Cookecrunch

First follow this path : Model Engine Maker Supporting Plans and Drawings ELMER VERBURG'S STEAM ENGINES then go to page 3 you will see Elmer Verburgs No 25 engine.
Hope this might help



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