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A well known casting set - I have seen several excellent builds of this, all serving as really good background info to help me along.

This is the advertised finished model, from the PMR site. It didn't grab me straight away, but has grown on me somewhat.

I bought this kit back in 2015, got waylaid a bit, but am finally ready make a start.

I'm sure this will be a slow project, but I am keen to tackle the challenges posed by a set of castings, and today I actually took that tentative first step.

Here is the kit

And, since a journey of 1000 mile starts with a single step, I'll start with this.

Got the 'ol hacksaw out, and separated these parts. This one is getting some attention today.

All I've done so far is square the sides up, and clean up the sealing surface.

Annoyingly, the camera makes the machined surface look a lot rougher than it is. Can barely feel the machining marks. Even so, I'll give this a clean up and polish.

I had to take a little break, but I'm heading back down the shed shortly to spot and drill holes in it. I just wanted to shout about starting an engine. My work tramming the mill paid off, this part has the most square surfaces I have ever machined.

Following along.  :popcorn:
I've always liked that engine.

--- Quote from: propforward on August 26, 2018, 06:53:54 PM ---My work tramming the mill paid off, this part has the most square surfaces I have ever machined.

--- End quote ---


Now with added holes. I'll call it a success - machined a new material (cast iron), and got the holes in the right place. The casting is a bit rough. I fettled it a bit on the corners but a little more clean up work needed there. The bosses for the screws nearly disappeared entirely, and I'm tempted to machine the top surface around the whole perimeter to clean it up, but for now I'll leave it as it is.

Nice start Stuart. This one never grabbed me either for a long time, the I kind of warmed up to it and now it's one of my best runners. It's a fun project in any case.


Tennessee Whiskey:
Looks like you are off and running Prop. Just take your sweet time and study each casting thoughorly. Marv ,very wisely,recommends, writing down the order of operations: and that really helps.



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