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Helical gear cutting

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And finally here are the PDF's that Chuck Fellows created to make the fixture and calculate the template angles.
Another fellow modeler, Marv Klotz, developed a program to do the major calculations for creating the templates. If you Google Marv Klotz you will find numerous programs that he developed to aid fellow builders
I would be remiss if I didn't mention Mr. Don Darbonne. He also came up with a spreadsheet for both spur and helical calculations.

steam guy willy:
That is an impressive and basically quite simple and easy jig to make and use, However there is a lot of careful and accurate measuring and setting up to do. when you look at some gear cutting machines they look very complex and using lots of parts !! this tool however has just one moving part !! so simplicity is the answer. great stuff  ,I really am impressed.

That's innovative and fascinating. I shall be making one of those. Many thanks for sharing. Nick

That's a neat way of cutting small helical gears, and one system can deal with a wide range of helix angles.  :ThumbsUp:  Some of the gears look a bit odd though; I would have expected the root and crest widths to be pretty much the same.


Thanks for posting this!


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