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Model Engineer Sample copy?


Anyone in the UK know where I can obtain a recent copy "Model Engineer" , tried to get a single copy from the publisher without any success. Is this publication available via the newsstands in the UK? Would like to preview a single copy prior to signing up for a full year's subscription. Willing to pay for the copy plus postage to the US. PM me with details if interested.

Bob E

If you have an IPAD you can get thier app from the App Store. The individual issues are 4 bucks. If you decide to subscribe you can link the app to your account and get them by just downloading them through the app.


Pocketmags will do a single copy BUT if taking out a digital subscription do it through the ME site as that is the only way you will get access to the digital archive which for ME will give you about 15yrs of mags. Any sub through one of the news stands will only get you the issues you pay for.

What will you be viewing on as it does not work on some platforms.

PM Sent

you can get a recent copy simply by searching ebay


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