Author Topic: Rods verision of the Lombard  (Read 10131 times)

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Re: Rods verision of the Lombard
« Reply #60 on: January 20, 2020, 01:11:30 PM »
Mill a 3/16" slot across the end of say some 5/16" round and then silver solder in a piece of 3/16" flat that has had a 3/16" slot cut across it (sort of U shape) then skim it down in the lathe to leave a round outside

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Re: Rods verision of the Lombard
« Reply #61 on: January 20, 2020, 01:48:39 PM »
Other ways to make a square socket, in addition to the good ways already mentioned:

1. drill a hole in a round steel bar that fits over the corners of the square stock. Heat to bright red. Swage to a socket shape with hammer over the end of the 3/16 square bar. The square bar will likely get damaged as you go, just cut off the damaged bit and continue.
2. Google "rotary broach" and make one, use that.
3. drill a 3/16" round hole in a round steel bar. Find a piece of 3/16" square high speed steel. Sharpen the high speed steel end to a sort of reverse pyramid or cone shape to make a mortising punch. hammer the punch into the hole to shave out the corners. (some hex socket wrenches are made this way). Some sort of sleeve for guidance from punch to workpiece will help.
4. Build an EDM machine and use that to burn the square socket. (this sounds far fetched but it really is not difficult if you have built any electronics projects. Google "how to build an EDM" , a book by Ben Fleming. I built his original design machine and it works really well for any sort of odd shaped hole, and for removing broken drills, bolts, taps etc from holes in anything.)

Just food for thought. As usual, there are lots of ways. :cheers:

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Re: Rods verision of the Lombard
« Reply #62 on: January 26, 2020, 09:28:25 PM »
 Thanks for the suggestions.  I took the quick and very dirty way out.  1/ 4 hex bar 3/16 hole in end hacksawed an X across slight flare.  It worked since was only using to run nuts up and down.  Will tighten later after assembly.  Some of the nuts were in quarter inch recessed  holes. I was going to heat the end of it and use a tapered punch,  but as usual propane tank was empty.