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Hello, Another new fella from Indiana

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Doug Doty:
53 and still loving working with my hands. Built small boats, race cars, 4x4 trucks, Jeeps and airplanes over the years. Just got back home to Madison In. from a 2 day trip up to the Wyndott Mi. to take in the N.A.M.E.S  Show there this weekend.  Wow !! , a lot of talent and such good friendly people there. I am building my first little oscillator air motor and about done less the piston / rod so those guys at the show wow'ed me for sure.

I am getting older heavier and stiffer, so crawling around, on, under, and inside projects is about over for me, but still love spending time in the shop. My shop has been more fabricating oriented over the years but I do have a few good pieces to work with for model engine machining.

Got a Bridgeport variable mill with power x and dro that I just got recently.  A grizzly G4003G lathe I have had about 10 years. Having these two pieces together has caused my interest in actual machining to explode.  Also a 50 ton Scotchman iron Worker, a Wilton horz. cut of band saw and Wilton Vert belt sander. A lincoln 110v sp100 mig that I got new over 30 years ago as a kid, a 250 amp Miller mig and my pride and joy and Miller Dynasty 300dx water cooled tig machine.

As tedious as these little model engines look to be, my mindset abilities and building desires are seeming to aligning with them pretty well looking forward.  I got a 1915 7hp Hercules hit and miss and a couple other old engines as well that seems to have lead me in this direction. 

I will post a pic of my 1st. oscillator project as soon as I figure out how back here.

Thanks for having me , Doug Doty, Madsion In.

Hi there Doug,
Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you've got a pretty well equipped shop, and some great projects going.
Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Did you meet any of the members of this forum while you were at NAMES?  Several of them were going I believe.

Hi and welcome Doug. You will find as many if not more varied interests here among the members but the one thing that brings us all together is the love of model engines in all their forms. Great to have you.


:hi: Doug,

sounds like you have a nice workshop set up there  :)

Looking forward to seeing your little oscillator  8)


Dave Otto:
Welcome to MEM Doug!



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