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1/3 scale V10 RC car.

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Finally got round to starting a new thread for the car I'm making.
I decided I want the V10 to power something rather than sit on a stand.
As usual with my projects it's gone into fantasy land with the specification, but I think most of it should be do-able.
Brief spec......
1/3 scale radio controlled hybrid car/off road buggy.
125cc V10 fuel injected petrol engine.
Pushrod suspension, carbon wishbones and struts, titanium fasteners.
Hydraulic disc brakes all round, magnesium wheels.
Remote ride height adjustment.
Centrifugal clutch, carbon fibre propshaft.
5 speed transaxle, with limited slip differential.
2x 2kw brushless motors.
Adjustable exhaust, quiet/loud.

Not thought about the bodystyle yet.
I want to use lightweight materials where possible because, A, it's fun, and B, I estimated the weight at 40kgs, which is ridiculous, so it's ally, carbon fibre and titanium wherever practical (affordable).

This is where I'm up to as of today.......
I'll put some more pics up when I know this post works ok.

The front suspension isn't finished, I just mocked it up today to check ride heights etc. The shock absorber mounting Spring thing is the anti-roll system, which seems to work ok, and it has the benefit of also being the variable ride height system, by pulling the spring rod in and out. If that makes any sense.
Drawings to follow, maybe.

Still early stages, I reckon it's a 2 year project, unless I can retire in the meantime.
Any other specification suggestions welcome at this stage. I want this to be the best RC car ever.
I have 10 channel radio gear available.
The shocks will need external reservoirs. I would like to make them nitrogen pressurised but haven't investigated that yet.

That looks incredible - going to be a fun one!

One thing on your specs is confusing me though - lists both a V10 petrol engine and 2 brushless electric motors - is this a hybrid? Worlds fastest Prius?

Yes, from the start wanted to get an electric motor in it somewhere so I can easily drive it around for testing the chassis and steering, etc. without having the hassle of running the engine. But then I thought it would be cool to make it a proper hybrid with 5hp of electric motors.
Should get some nice wheelspin from it anyway.
It's rear wheel drive only by the way.


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