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I just got ten million e-mails from MEM!!!!!!!


Having just fixed the e-mail server issue I mentioned in the thread above, I now see that the queue is clearing itself out. Interestingly, it contains over 17,000 e-mails going back nearly a year. Goodness only knows what's been going on here. I think I'm going to give up this technology lark and take up basket weaving.

Anyway, if you've just been absolutely deluged in e-mails from us, please accept my apologies. I think once the flood has passed, normal service should resume. Only, presumably, a little more reliably than before. Hopefully....

Fellow admins - I'll get your mailboxes set up in the next few days, I just lost a weekend & a day's paying work to this blasted mail server, so I've got some catching up to do...


Happy you got it sorted out Ade!!!  Wow...that was a lot of emails  :o


The mail queue is now empty; so if you didn't get any e-mails, PLEASE check your account to make sure your e-mail address is valid; also check your SPAM folder (and please whitelist us, if you want to see the occasional forum announcement). If you have a "2-step" system (where your e-mail system requires us to visit a web page, or reply to a specific message), then this won't get done as the system is entirely automatic; so, again, if you use one of these systems, we'd appreciate it if you could disable it for MEM e-mails (unless you're not bothered about ever seeing e-mails from us...).

One final thing, PLEASE don't report us as SPAM to your ISP. In general, the only e-mails you will get from MEM are ones you've asked for: Topic notifications, reply notifications & PM notifications, each of which can be configured. The ONLY other e-mails you'll get are:
 - A birthday greeting (which isn't boilerplate text at all, definitely not, no sirree!
 - Any really big announcements (e.g. the Meltdown/Spectre e-mail - which, ironically, is what finally tipped my old e-mail server over the edge).

Thanks! And thank you all for sticking around & generally having great projects to watch!



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