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Cabin Fever next month

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So who all is going to Cabin Fever next month?

I am finally going again (been too long) and am planning on taking my Shay, Lombard, Corliss, and vertical triple engines. Should fill a table easily, at least most of one.

You guys get a section together usually? Setup starts Friday morning I think, not sure when I'll be getting in, partly depends on the weather.

I am planning to be there.  Right now I am planning to drive and bring Joy engine, Ouzof rotary, Westbury paddle, and Benson.  However, if the weather prognosis turns bad I have a refundable air ticket to BWI, and will bring only what can easily be packed as carry on.  If I get enough parts made to be interesting I might bring some of the Colibri too.

I will be there, with my BROOKLYN tug model ready to run in the boat pond. It will be the first time I have finished a boat in time to take it.

I will also likely bring along a few other models. I plan to arrive Thursday evening- get to the expo and buy my entry badge so I dont have to stand in a long line Friday morning.

Looking forward to it, its my favorite event of the year.

Kvom - looking forward to seeing you there!
Ron, be great to see you again, I think that Brooklyn tug was the one you showed me this spring? Be fun to see it go! How big a pond do they set up?

I'm pretty new to this group, but I have not missed a CF in 17 years. So...I am looking forward to seeing some of this stuff in person(read: Lombard!)



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