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Alyn Foundry:

Rather than further clutter Joís Bailey build Iím replying to your question hereÖ.

Iíve just finished speaking with Geoff from the Anson engine museum. Thereís no record of any drawings for the Gardner vertical hot air engine and, it would seem they never applied for a patent for it. The only known example is currently owned by Adrian from Engineers Emporium.

I mentioned the vertical Robinson patent engine, hereís a picture.

Cheers Graham.

Thanks Graham, I might try contacting Adrian and seeing if he can take a few photos and give a couple of sizes. It's mostly the conrod(s) and detail at the top of the piston as that can't be seen otherwise it's reasonably straightforward.

The water jacket would be a steel fabrication, two side frames could be fabricated or CNC cut from solid and same for the flywheels from slices of CI bar.

I think the Gardner is more appealing to me than the Robinson.


PS how is your eye?

Alyn Foundry:

--- Quote from: Jasonb on November 04, 2021, 06:38:49 PM ---
PS how is your eye?

--- End quote ---

Still sore Jason, so Iíve been unable to get out in the workshop.   ;)

I too favour the look and simplicity of the Gardner engine.     :ThumbsUp:

Alyn Foundry:
More on the Robinson vertical hot air engine.

It seems that thereís at least one survivor of his 1881 patent, built under license in New Jersey USA.

Iíve also got the patent drawings. Just a tentative question to those interested in building hot air engines.

Would anyone be interested if patterns and castings were made for a half scale replica from the patent drawings?

Cheers Graham.

Only if they came with a 13" swing lathe thrown in as a freebee :'(

That will limit your market. 1/3rd scale may suit people more as that gives a 8 5/8" flywheel. Even 1/4 scale would work with a 5 1/2" flywheel and 2" bore


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