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Alyn Foundry:
Hello All.

I thought a dedicated thread for all engines that use expanded air might be a useful addition to the forum.

Some will remember that I used to sell a half scale replica of the Robinson number 4 hot air engine, production stopped when Rhuddlan foundry closed. The main reason was that nobody could make the highly complicated mould that used 3 different cores just to make the platform. The other problem arose when the price of Aluminium scrap topped the 1000.00 per Ton mark and four of my Aluminium master plates were stolen from Buckley who produced the cylinder castings.

Thanks to Andy ( Chipmaster ) we have had some new cylinders cast and I have just finished or should I say refinished my old Robinson Hot Air Engine that became a cylinder donor to an old customer several years ago.

Some pictures and a video to come later....

As this is an open thread please post any Hot Air Engine related builds or pictures of your engines here.

Cheers Graham.


--- Quote from: Alyn Foundry on October 26, 2017, 06:21:49 PM ---Some pictures and a video to come later....

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Alyn Foundry:
Indeed Jo.   ;)

Alyn Foundry:
Top picture is the first half scale engine to be built by the Alyn foundry.

The lower picture is perhaps the earliest surviving Robinson patent engine built in the 1880's before Robinson's themselves. It's air cooled !!

Nice pictures. Are both of them cast iron? They sure look to be. Very nice!!! As for the thread, are you looking for both stirling as well as atmospheric engines Flame Lickers)?



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