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Here's my list

Stuart ST
Elmer's No 32 tall vertical
Elmer's No 50 educational engine
Elmer's No 9 twin horizontal wobbler
Liney No 5
Elmer's Standby
Liney RV-1
Liney Thimble
Elmer's Scotty
Reichart pip-squeak
Elmer's No 7 square
Liney 1
Elderberry Launch Engine
Reeves Popular single
Elmer's No 43 launch engine
Elmer's fancy
Elmer's No. 25
Elmer's No 2 twin vertical
Elmer's beam engine


Hey Jo, are you going to start another thread titled "Casting Sets I Have"??   :Lol:


--- Quote from: crueby on September 25, 2017, 04:56:29 PM ---Hey Jo, are you going to start another thread titled "Casting Sets I Have"??   :Lol:

--- End quote ---

I did one of those a few years ago called "guess that casting set"  ::)

But it was only part of the collection  :mischief:


Edit: P.s. If people knew of all the casting sets I have they may try to talk me out of them  :hellno:

This is my list.

Stuart 10V
Stuart Beam
James Booth Rectilinear Engine (Anthony Mount)  :embarassed:
Minnie Traction Engine
Zero-Six Open crank hit & miss (much modified)
2" scale Fowler A7 traction engine  :embarassed:
Hoglett   :embarassed:
1/5 scale IHC Famous vertical Screen cooled
1/2 scale Domestic Stove Pipe
1/2 Scale Galloway 5HP
1/6 scale Benson vertical Engine
1/6th Scale Easton & Anderson Beam Engine
Firefly 0.46 glow engine
1/3 scale Baker "ball hopper" Monitor
Nemett Ne15OT opposed twin
1/2 scale gade
2/3 scale Tidman organ engine
1/6 scale Cameron Steam Pump
Jowitt Mk2 Poppet valve engine
5cc Motore da Glow
5cc Motore da Diesel
Jowett Jnr poppet Valve engine
Stuart Lightweight
Muncasters simpel Entablature Engine
Thompston's workshop engine
CHUKY flame licker

On The Go

Own design 1/3 scale Ruston Hornsby BPR open crank
1/2 scale Root & Van Dervoort horizontal with cart
5/16 scale Root & Van Dervoort vertical with cart
1/4 Otto Langen

You can see most of the completed engines in this album


PS  :embarassed: means not yet quite completed but all the others are finished and running engines.

Jo how could you have left your beloved BB1 off of the underway list ::)


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