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In this section of the forum we have threads that help people with problems to do with specific engines. As we don't all look in on the forum as often as some and many builds may have happened before MEM, I thought it might be useful to turn the tables and get people to list what engines they have built. So that members could send them PM's with a  :help:

I suppose I should start, with my engines and any known features  :-\

Atom Minor III - Westbury
AHC Diesel - Motor Boys International (Ken Croft)
Calorific Gauge 1 Stirling locomotive - Roy Key
Centaur Horizontal Gas Engine (Carb problems )
Crosskill Oscillating Steam Engine - Anthony Mount
Double Tangye Steam Engine - Westbury
Double Tandem Compound - Horizontal Steam engine
Easton and Anderson grasshopper beam - Anthony Mount
Felgiebel - Two stroke Aero Engine (chops thumbs  :paranoia: )
Kiwi Four stroke petrol Engine - Westbury
Kittiwake Four Stroke petrol engine - Westbury
Lady Stephanie Beam Engine - Tubal Cain
Mary Beam Engine - Tubal Cain
RLE Horizontal Hit and Miss engine - Alyn Foundry
Robinson Hot Air Engine - Alyn Foundry
Robinson Hot Air Engine - Bruce Engineering
R&B Gas Engine - Bruce Davey  (Ornament - carb problems :facepalm2: also squashes thumbs   ::) )
Steeple Engine - Anthony Mount
Stentor two stroke aero engine - Veron
Stothert and Pitt Beam Engine - Jo Thoms
Stuart No 1 - Stuart Models
Stuart No 9 - Stuart Models
Stuart No 10 Vertical engine - Stuart Models
Stuart Standard Beam Engine - Stuart Models
Stuart 5A - Stuart Models
Stuart Swan - Stuart Models
Titan 60 Glowplug Aero Engine -  Gemaco

and underway:

Boulton and Watt Bell Crank Engine - Anthony Mount
Stuart triple (3 off) - Stuart Models
Wall Wizard - E Wall (Coles Power Models)

So boys are you willing to admit to what you have built /are building?


Here's my list:

Stuart Double 10
Stuart Half Beam
Stuart S50
PMR #3
PMR #5
Elmers Tiny
Elmers Tiny variant - 6 cylinder radial
5 Cylinder Radial (own design)
Twin Beam (own design)
MEM Corliss, twin variant
Kozo's New Shay - 3/4":1'
Lombard Log Hauler - 1":1'

Thats so far, anyway!

Here is a list of mine:

Elmers #2 Twin Vertical Wobbler
Elmers #3 Open column w/ reverse
Elmers #14 Wobble Plate Engine
Elmers #23 Tiny
Elmers #24 Beam Engine

PMR #1
PMR #2
PMR #3

Liney Machine RV-1
Liney Thinble engine

Jerry Howell Miser in half scale
Jerry Howell "Vickie" Stirling engine
Jerry Howell Mini Stirling Fan
Jerry Howell Vintage Stirling

Phillip Duclos Flame Licker

Clarence Myers 1/4 scale Rider Ericsson Pumping Engine

Tiny Power 10H engine (may not be available any longer)
Tiny Power Mill Engine (may not be available any longer)

Briggs & Stratton 6S IC Engine (scale model barstock from my own plans)

Tiny Hit & Miss IC engine (plans by Putputman and gbritnell)

Rudy's Radial 5 in half scale

Currently in process: Parsell & Weed from Castings (90% complete)
Pearl Single Cylinder Marine Engine (1/2 scale) from castings (25% complete)
Wright Bros. 1903 engine (scaling from full sized plans) (5% complete and stil on the back burner)


steam guy willy:
And mine.....County Carlow 3 1/2"    unfinished kit
                  Traction engine freelance   unfinished   bar stock
                  Vertical boiler oscillating   solid fuel
                  electrically heated boiler and Persious mill engine    Part Kit
                  Stothart and pit   Kit
                  Mconie    Kit   
                  Bridewell beam engine   Extant copy   Barstock
                  Headley  beam engine 
 Extant copy    Barstock
                  Beeleigh beam engine    extant copy  Barstock

                 and thats all folks..!!
and the electrically heated steam crane.......

Elmer's Beam
Kershel Flame Licker
Elmer's Coomber
Bogstandard's Paddleduck
Liney's 5-cyl Halo Radial
Westbury's Side Paddle Steamer
Muncaster's Joy Valve
Ouzof's Coventry
Benson Engine

Kozo 0-4-0 Penn. Switcher Loco


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