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« on: July 12, 2017, 10:18:27 AM »
Looks like we are suffering e-mail problems again...

Firstly, anyone who has an account with GMX (,, are the ones I know about, there may be others) - there is a problem whereby our IP is blocked by GMX's servers, and I cannot resolve it (because the problem they claim is bogus, and they won't even look at it). If you have a account, you won't get ANY e-mails from this server. If you attempt to register with a GMX account, you won't be able to as you'll never receive your activation link. After I've written this message I'll be adding a block to new GMX.* registrations with an explanation of why. If you have already registered with a GMX mail account, don't worry! You won't be blocked/barred, but you won't get any e-mails either. I would recommend changing to an alternative provider though.

Secondly. It does seem that some e-mails aren't getting out at the moment. I can't see why, just yet, still working on that one. Anyone with a VERIZON account, your e-mails were being blocked by them, I have applied to whitelist our server, hopefully that will happen soon.

Once I find the blockage and clear it, you may receive a flood of e-mails from our server. I apologise - just delete them (or read them if you like :) THey may be interesting...).

Thanks for bearing with us.

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Re: E-mail
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2017, 12:32:08 PM »
Ade, apparently Verizon re leased the email hold as I got about 25 old PM notifications from them this morning on my phone which is Verizon. I am getting these through other means, work, home isp, etc. But this would indicate Verizon isn't holding them now at least.



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