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Photobucket problems - solved.
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:10:04 AM »
As some have already noticed, Photobucket have recently changed their policies regarding "3rd party hosted" - in our case, images "embedded" within a post, yet hosted on Photobucket - pictures. Specifically, unless you're willing to cough up around $1/day, you don't get to embed your photos.

Naturally, this is a cause of much consternation - and will be causing ructions on all of the many thousands of forums covering all kinds of subjects across the world, ours being no exception.

I'd like to claim foresight, but I can't, it's just happy coincidence that I recently set up a photo hosting site for another forum on which I am admin. I am willing to make this available to all MEM users free of charge (also free of adverts etc.), on a permanent basis; although at some point I will probably set up a dedicated MEM gallery, which will be on a different URL. However, the Photobucket problem is here NOW, and this is the quickest solution...

So... the gallery can be found here:

You will need to register to use it. Don't worry, there's no credit card details required, and you don't need to bow in the general direction of Google or any of that nonsense. However, you WILL need the "global site password" to access it... Since we don't have any "members only" forums here (an oversight I will also consider correcting with the mods & admins in due course), I don't want to publish the password.... therefore, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me (not e-mail... it has to be on this site, so I 100% know you're a member here), and I will reply with the password. PM me first, then go register... just in case I'm a bit slow to reply (an admin's gotta sleep!) I will let the other moderators & admins know the password too, so if you don't get a timely response out of me, you can PM them too. Then you'll get 5 copies instead of one  :Jester:

I will also beg your indulgence... the Coppermine gallery is hosted on the same server as this forum, the other forum, my e-mail, and a few other bits & bobs. It doesn't have a particularly massive hard disk, so I'd ask you PLEASE re-size your photos to a forum-friendly size BEFORE uploading them! 800x600 is good. There's tons of software products out there which will do this for you. Personally I use an ancient copy of PaintShop Pro. An excellent product which is free for home use is Faststone Resizer ( which will re-size photos in batches, it'll also handily watermark them so you can add your name or copyright info. For Linux I'd use The Gimp, but I'm sure there are other, more intuitive packages available. Faststone may work under Wine (I must check that...).

Finally - apologies, there is no fast way that I know of to get your photos out of Photobucket and into Coppermine. If anyone knows of a plugin or app which will do that, please let me know via PM.

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