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Big beam engine video


old phart:

Well, as promised a video of my beam.
It's not finished as I have to strip it down to smooth out some rough edges, paint and reassemble it.
Here it is running way too fast with a very noisy compressor running away.
It's leaking like a seive as you can well hear!!
The wheel weighs in between 6/7ib and most of the material used was mild steel with the columns and cylinder block a good grade aluminium with the usual bronze brg's and brass bits.

Kind regards,


Nice one Ron!

Are you going to post all the build log here?
It was a fun one to follow along with!

A nice video of it running slowly would be great!


Bill L.:
Hi Ron,nice to see it again.Thanks again for the link to the plans.
Bill L.

Dean W:
Thanks for the video, Ron.  Looks like it runs very well!


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