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I am a firm believer in Avid RC which Bill put a link to in the first post.  I have ordered from them many times and they have always had what I wanted in stock.  They are good quality bearings, probably from China,  I have had no problems with them and I have used over 250 bearings from them in the last 8 years wilth no issues.  One of my  "Tiny" hit-n-miss engines has over 1000 hours o n it with them supporting the crank shalt.

The link Bill gave is to the imperial size bearings.  They also have metric.  See the side bar on the left side of the page.

Service is great.  If I order  in the morning they have always shipped the same day by USPS First class mail. Realistic shipping and handling rates and free if the order is over US$40 for US customers.  They do ship internationally but I don't know any thing about that..

Best of all is the prices.  All the small bearings are US$ 1.00 each, even the rubber seal ones I am using on the current Hornsby tractor build.  I am building 2 trctors and it looks like each will have 42-44  bearings in it.  Considering the number of bearings I use,  the difference between US$1.00  and US$ 3 to 6 adds up to a lot of beer tokens. I will still need 36 bearings for the current project so I will probably order them Monday.  I will order a few spares to push me over the free shipping limit.  l will expect to have them by Friday or Saturday with the delays from the New Year holiday thrown in.

Usual disclamer. No relation ship to the company.  I just like them.
Gail in NM


I live on the Isle of Man.
For the British Isles and United Kingdom areas I would suggest these people for fast reliable service,great choice of quality and good value.
 Used them a lot over the last 3 years and never had cause for complaint.....OZ.

One last note about Avid.
I placed an order for 50 bearings on Friday at 10:15 AM.  Received the usual instant order acknowledgement.  28 minutes later I received the shipping notification and the bearings arrived in the mail box today, Monday, at 1 PM. I only needed 44 bearings but ordered 50 so I had a few to feed the swarf bunnies as bearings were all small.
Gail in NM

And a Miniature Bearings Supplier for Australian forum members ......

Miniature Bearings Australia



Thanks to all for the additions to the list in your respective areas.



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