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CONWAY 0-4-0 3 1/2" GAUGE LOCO

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Thanks crueby & Bill.

Conway was published in model engineer magazine in 1980 and is available as a free download from the Johntom website.

Moving slowly onwards, 4 plates have to be made and flanged. The throatplate, backhead, firebox tubeplate and smokebox tubeplate. The backhead and throatplate use the same former so 3 formers are needed.

The free download is a PDF so the drawings are easily cut/copied/pasted into a drawing programme. I use Coreldraw but there are many to choose from. With a little bit of trial and error I printed out the various plates bang on actual size. I cut them out and used them as templates. Also all the holes are nicely marked out.

Formers are best made out of 1/2" steel but for one off usage other materials that are to hand can be used. The smokebox tubeplate former I made from aluminium. I had a piece very close to the size needed so very little was wasted and can be used again for something else

Turning the former

The corner was radiussed

Next up was the firebox tubeplate former. A bit of 2mm steel plate and what I think is a piece of Bacolite?

Cut out the pattern from the actual size printout

Spray glue to stick it to the steel plate

4mm countersunk socket head screws and spray glue fix it to the backing

Hacksaw, file, grindstone, disc sander and we have this

The last former is for the throatplate and backhead. I found some 3mm thick steel bars and fixed them to the backing with 4mm countersunk socket head screws. The Bacolite backing by the way tapped OK so the screws just screw in.

Cut out the template and glue on with spray glue.

My trusty od bandsaw removed a lot of the waste. Use a scrap of wood and long screws to make a temporary fixture.

Hacksaw, file , grind, disc sand

Thats it so far. I will jump from one piece to another as and when materials are obtained so it might seem a bit disjointed at times.



Sorry missed out one photo

In the mill having the sides trimmed



Nice start on the build.  Great photos. :popcorn: :popcorn:

As others have said, love your setup photos.



Recently I have finished two designs of the "CONWAY" loco
The first one I drew up is for 5" gauge. The second one is for 7.25" gauge.
The second one came as a request from a person from Australia who is building the CONWAY for 7.25"
Would you or any body for that matter be interested in seeing those drawings?
Is there anybody who is building for 5" or 7.25" gauge?
I can see that your 3.5" build is going fine. I hope it will turn out to be fine machine.

kind regards



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