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Miniature nuts & bolts & threaded rod

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Thanks for the source links. It might be good for the forum to have a "reference" section where such information can be posted and easily accessed. Perhaps it could be set up as a "Wiki" or collaborative encyclopedia.

Paul, the "Outside Links & Suggested Readings" category is the current logical place for such links. They could be made sticky if needed to stay at or near the top of the list but someone would need to populate the various lists with links if more organization is desired. For example lists for small fasteners, specialty materials, and so on.


Excellent list...a "sticky" would be good!

Another that I have used.

steam guy willy:
I have also purchased 16ba nuts and bolts from EKP supplies ,also if you enquire they also have other odd sizes on there shelves. As they make these nuts and bolts themselves they are possibly cheaper than the suppliers that get them from EKP. Also you can get hex rod from old venetian blinds !!


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