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Miniature nuts & bolts & threaded rod

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paul gough:
I have tried the links and also manually typed in the addresses for the European sellers but get nowhere, just can't find the server message. I need a supplier of metric hex headed screws in the range of 1mm-2mm. Can anyone help. Especially useful is a supplier who is English conversant.

Dan Rowe:
Paul, thanks for the heads up on the links. I will check the list and update it soon.

Scale Hardware is in the US and has what you are looking for:

Cheers Dan

G'day Paul......I have been using Knupfer in Germany for the past few years

1. excellent metric range, superb quality....QA appears without question
2. WEB site is auto English switching if required 
3. need to study to select Model Screws to obtain small head & not ISO/DIN  Metric
4. good costings, they do not charge the German domestic 19% sales tax on export [like others  :Doh:]
5. great to communicate with......Susanne [the owners wife] will respond promptly
6. my last purchase was made on this 5th July , posted in Germany with a tracking Number 6th July, received in Wollongong on the 15th July
7. in this order, were 2 x 150mm lengths of M3 threaded bar in brass @ E1.30 each

Their Plasma cut open-ended spanners SW3 & SW4 [3 & 4 AF for us for M2 & M3 bolts ] are jewel like

Derek......[they were unaffected by the European floods as below]


From: KNUPFER Modell- und Feinwerktechnik <>
Sent: Friday, 16 July 2021 6:04 PM
To: Derek Warner <>
Subject: Re: 2021.07.16 - Floods in Europe

Thank you for asking Derek - we're fine

We have always been spared from floods until now.

But it's very tragic when you see the pictures in the newspaper or on television.

Best Regards

Susanne Knupfer
Modell- und Feinwerktechnik
Karl-Bäder-Str. 7
D-73614 Schorndorf
Tel.: 07181 45460

The Knupfer link works for me and the one has now changed but still redirects me, this is the main link for them and they do now have an English option, they are who I tend to use.

paul gough:
Dan, Derek, Jason, Thank you all very much for getting the addresses sorted out for me. Regards, Paul Gough.


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