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Dan Rowe:
This is a list of small bolt sources and information I keep on another forum. It is unfortunately behind the privacy screen so I will maintain a copy of it here.

Please report any other information or broken links so I can update the list in the first post.

Thanks Dan
A source of brass 2-56 to 0000-160 nuts and threaded rod, for those really small jobs. Also taps & dies and very good small nut drivers. Hex sizes for tools and nuts are model hex pattern.
A variety of types of fasteners not a lot of scale model hex available in small sizes. 00-90 & 0-80 taps and dies.
Very small taps and die and info. both UNM which is US metric instrument screws and the old series 0000-160, 000-120, 00-90 etc.
Small 1mm 0.8mm and 0.5mm scale hex bolts, taps nuts and small rivets.
New owners of Scale Hardware back in business.
A lot of the same stuff as Scale Hardware but with clevises and carriage bolts. A bunch of other cool maybe useful stuff for electric locos.
German model engineer site small model hex bolts and very cool brass shapes NO English but they do speak English for phone orders.
Another German model engineer site with small model hex bolts.
UK model engineer site 0BA- 14BA hex bolts and small rivets in steel brass and copper.
Very good selection of 0-80 through 10-32 scale hex head bolts in brass steel and stainless. Also a nice selection of small hex and square stock to make custom bolts.
00-90 and 0-80 scale hex head, cheese head and flat heat in brass with several finishes including black oxide. Good pricing on large orders.
High quality micro taps and optical screws. The slotless 1.2mm and 1.16mm rimless repair screws make very good carrage bolts. The checkout does not work email or call so they can check stock.
A nice assortment of optical screws and taps.
Drive screws steel and stainless 00 aqnd 0 screw sizes various lengths to make mini carrage bolts. Or attach small nameplates.
BA hex bolts with one size smaller hex. 10 BA bolts have a 12 BA thread.
Threaded rod steel, SS, brass, and phosphor bronze various sizes.
B.S. 57 : 1957 -- Full BA thread standards
Small coachbolts 1.6mm to 3mm with square nuts.
Download catalog with a good selection of BA and metric small screws in brass and steel. The metric ones have rolled threads. Photo and data thanks to Peter Burnett.

1.6 Bolt A/F 2.43mm.
1.6 Rivet Head A/F 2.45mm.
1.6 Nut A/F 2.43mm.
1.4 Bolt A/F 1.96mm.
1.4 Nut A/F 1.96mm.
1.2 Bolt A/F 1.95mm.
1.2 Rivet Head A/F 1.96mm.
1.2 Nut A/F 1.97mm. (scale bolts page)
Downloadable catalog (French) A good selection of metric small head bolts in brass, steel and stainless. Also a lot of other very handy stuff in the catalog. See page 137 for the scale bolts.
For English readers here is a brief list of materials.
Laiton = brass
Acier = steel
Acier INOX= stainless steel
Acier bruni = black steel
Another source of micro screws in France.

A nice source of small metric stainless hex nuts and bolts with small pattern hex size.

A Dutch source of small scale bolts.

A German source of small scale bolts.

Ooooh this is useful stuff!
Thanks for posting it Dan!

Yes!  Thanks Dan!


Dan Rowe:

--- Quote from: gerritv on November 25, 2016, 03:56:19 PM ---Hi George,
I use, the site is in Dutch but the owner speaks/writes fluent English. I can vouch for the quality of bolts, shcs, set screws, nuts and drill bits.
For those of us outside EU he will remove VAT if you email your list (his webshop can't handle no-VAT sales)

messing=brass, rvs=stainless

--- End quote ---

Thanks Gerrit for a new source of small bolts.

I added it to the list.


Hi Dan,
another German soure, my favorit, for completion only.
Language botton, at the top right.


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