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old phart:
Hi all,

I have been a machinist (mainly as a grinder) by profession for over 40 years and have only fairly recently (these past three years or so) entered into the model engineering world.

My work has been varied from hydraulic wing rams for fighter aircraft and submarine rams, brake component's for Rolls Royce cars, Lucas diesel systems et al.
A lot of experimental work undertaken for various companies at this specialist engineering firm where we  took on work other places couldn't (or wouldn't) do! Too many to list but some of it did tax the grey matter and made work very enjoyable. We also had to do quite a bit of reverse engineering/machining which was very interesting.

Before my present job I had the pleasure of working for an F1 team - McLaren Racing - for 12 years when I then took voluntary redundancy shortly after losing my wife, to have some me time with my boys and to get a life back.
Well, a fire in my shop two days after leaving buggered that idea up for 4 months or so (insurance)!
It took a long time to reorganise the cave and it is only now that I am almost 100% happy with it. We can never be truly satisfied can we??

I never placed a work in progress on that site (lazy ba***rd I know) just a couple of vids and a few pics but I have a strong feeling that that will all change on this forum.

I will post a video of my latest beam engine on here running on air until I make a small boiler for it.

Kind regards and all the best for the future to you all.

Oh, and to Bogs!! ;)


Hi Ron,

Hello and welcome. :D :D :D
Well I hope you do show a build log or two, always very interesting to see and learn  :D :D :D


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