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Steam engine (Tiny vertical w/reverse)

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I posted the drawings for this engine in the drawings section.
I am building one for a fellow so I thought I would start a build thread on it as the original wasn't documented because it was pre-digital.
This is the start of the base and sub-base made as one piece. It is being made from 12L14 mild steel.

George I will be tagging alone with you. All of your builds are superb. I look forward to you documentation and photos.


The machining is straight forward, just small. I figured while making one I might as well make two. The blocks of steel were cut to 1.00x.562x.500. The bottom was relieved leaving an .08 wall all around. I roughed it with a .187 end mill then finished it with a .125 end mill. While I'm making the parts I am also making a drawing that will have stop points, step points etc. for the build. As I develop them I will post them for the group.
After the bottom was relieved the block was turned over and the bearing pockets and side profiles were cut.

These photos show the finish profiling of the base.

The last 3 photos for today show the center drilling (#00) and drilling (.029) for the 1.0x.25mm threads. Although the video in this thread shows the comparative size relative to a tire valve cap I am showing the 2 bases relative to a penny. The corner radii will need to be filed on and the bases polished up with some fine emery paper.


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