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paul gough:
I would very much appreciate an appraisal, from an experienced user, of the Wabeco D2000e and D3000e lathes. I have tried Model Engineer forum without success, and hope there might be a user prepared to comment on them. I am considering the 2000 for small model components and will not be wanting to do any large work. I appreciate an accurate machine and the FEEL of a quality item hence prepared to consider paying the premium in price for these qualities. I live in the antipodes,a long way from a Wabeco showroom, and want to verify from a user that these machines are what they appear to be, (or otherwise). In a nutshell Pros & Cons. Paul Gough

Good to see you found your way here Paul, hopefully Simon (SCO) will be along later with some comments


I have a D2000 that I bought just over three years ago, like you the feel was very important to me so went to the Pro Machine Tools dealer for a play and decided it was the machine for me.  So far I have not been disappointed in the mechanical side of the lathe apart from an issue with the change gear pulley bosses developing a lot of play but I have had the speed controller board and the motor replaced to cure a speed 'hunting' issue all under warranty (five years).  The lathe arrives ready to go and needs no particular clean up or setup before first use, changing the feedscrew feed rate for screwcutting is a messy fiddle compared to a lathe with a gearbox but you soon get the hang of it.

If you are at all considering the D2400 (longer bed) - I wouldn't as the ergonomics are flawed imo - the leadscrew handle is too far from the headstock - it needs the right angle attachment of the D3000.

Any other questions don't hesitate to ask,


Ian S C:
I don't know what part of the antipodes you live in, but for lathes here "Scott Machinery" is the place to go, for new or second hand lathes, at least in Christchurch.
Ian S C

paul gough:
Thanks Simon for your rapid reply and thanks to JasonB for putting me on the right track. A little surprised to hear of the excessive wear on the changewheels. Did you ascertain the cause, is belt tension critical or some such? I have seen one mention of speed board failing in a Wabeco mill and note your problem, makes me a little concerned about their electronics. Once we go variable speed with electronics we are forever dependent on the manufacturer for backup.  How do you rate service regarding warranty issues. I note your comment regarding the 2400 and came to the same conclusion by sitting in front of a metre rule and approximating the reach to the hand wheel etc.  I don't see a need for the variable feed as fitted to the 3000, however would like to know if you find the single feed rate in any way limiting as such metals as silver steel and brass would normally be machined with different feeds and speeds. Have you found any issue with rigidity and finish with a heavy cut with the carriage well away from the headstock. Any further opinions and observations regarding machining with this lathe would be very welcome. My sincere thanks for your input, Paul.


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