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Gary Brooke:
This is the tale off my project to build 2 5" gauge locomotives. Why 2? when I first started on my first one about five years ago it was my first engine.It was going well when I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder. I was prone to fall asleep at any time didnt matter what was going on not good to play with machines. So a big decision had to be made pack it all in or carry on with parts that could be made buy hand and hope that the treatment would work. I have never started anything not to finish. So carried on but the time came when the parts that were made needed machined parts to check fits and things or silver soldering fall asleep with a blowtorch I might be mad but not insane. So a start was made on no 2 and it was still fun.                            Thats the why now we come to the what are the locos                                                                               No 1 LNER 4-6-0 SPRINGBOK                                                                                                               No 2 SOUTHEN 4-4-0 SCHOOL CLASS                                                                                           In the next post Iwill start work but as Iknow we have to have pics so heres one to tempt you all                                                                                   

Gary, so is the sleep disorder cured now or at least under control? Looking forward to seeing more pictures.


I got sleep apnoe (sp ?) and I got treatment - I sleep with a mask that makes me sound like Darth Wader  ::)

But I can without hesitation say that it works. The system help me breathe when I sleep and this in turn helps me reach REM sleep - something I haven't entered the previous 30 years, before starting to sleep with it February last year - what a difference  :whoohoo:

Gary Brooke:
Bill                                                                                                                                           Thanks for asking there isnt a cure but seem to be responding to treatment. More pics to follow when I have sorted some order off posting.                                                                   Admiral                                                                                                                                     Sounds very much like me the mask looks and sounds like something out off star wars. But got to agree it works Proper sleep at night=stay awake during the day May the force be with you.  Rgds                                                                                                                                         Gary 

Gary Brooke:
I'll start with the set off frames that I made for Springbok right at the beginning there where choices to be made as to how much was going to be bought in. They could be Lazar cut, which would be fast but teach me nothing. Or I could make them my self, as I'm new to this hobby this would teach me the most. So 2 bits off bms steel where ordered bigger than needed,how to mark them out? that was to be my first lesson. In the end after reading how others had done it I bolted them together and filed 1 long edge how hard was that with little use off a file before. After quiet a while with files and straight edges i had achieved a flat edge that I could use as a datum. Next was a new skill marking out setting too I covered 1 side off the plates with lines marks in fact i was so exited with progress that by the end off a couple of sessions I was totally confused a more methodically approach was needed. In the end it was mark a point then tick off on the plan sorted. All that was left to do was cut them out and file to shape.Oh and drill them how hard could that be, easy if you've spent a lifetime do'ing it but for a beginer even getting a punchmark in the right place is hardwork. Anyway overtime they where brought screaming in to life.


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