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Burrell Single Crank Compound Traction Engines - 4" Scale

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Wow, Andrew!  That is a LOT of work covered in one short post!

I think I see where the cross-sectioned part fits in, but the picture just before it - with the hole and the slot?  I'm not sure I see where that fits in and what it does.

Maybe if I let it settle for a while I'll follow it all better with a second reading.

Certainly is pretty work!

I'll try to clarify where the parts fit. The sectioned body is simply the valve body, as shown top left in the parts picture, minus the flange and outlet . A sectioned view of the CAD model may help:

The problem with the sectioned body was that the 3/16" hole on the left wasn't lined up with the rest of the body, so the valve rod jammed. Here's a picture of the CAD model of the valve rod, which should explain where the hole and slot are placed:

In the parts picture the features are on the small end of the valve rod, bottom centre, just above the '7' on the rule. The small end diameter is 1/8". I'm not sure what function they provide, but they are clearly on the full size drawings, so I copied them.


Thanks for the additional explanation, Andrew,

Nice to see you are still at it :ThumbsUp:  Good work Andrew.    Terry


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